Calpe pays €29,000 to fix slippery pedestrian crossings

Complaints by people slipping over on Calpe’s pedestrian crossings have forced the council to replace old paint markings.

Residents have struggled to keep their feet on the surface signs, many of which have been repainted several times.

The problems have been even worse when the crossings have been on a slope.

Contractors have now been brought in to solve the problems at a cost of almost 29,000 euros.

Most of Calpe’s crossings use a combination of acrylic paint and a none-slip agent, but a cluster has not used that mixture, hence the problems. The markings are being stripped off on Calle Capitan Perez Jorda, Avenidas Masnou and Valencia, through to Calle Benidorm before the 4 week project ends in the Plaza Colon area of the city.


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