Doorman shot by Brit in Benidorm

A local doorman has been shot by a small calibre weapon at the popular club in Benidorm. The incident that was believed to have taken place after the doorman had refused entry to the premises for being intoxicated.

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The incident occurred at around 2.30 am and with witnesses indicating that two men were refused entry but tried to enter by forcing past the doorman launching a tirade of abuse and threats, the attackers left the scene and after a few minutes one returned in a car with the weapon firing two shot in the air and one aimed at the victim hitting him in the lower leg.

The attacker who fired the weapon is alleged to be a 46-year-old British national and was arrested just a few minutes later by police on Av Ametlla del Mar.

The victim was released from hospital a short time later.

Police stressed that the weapon was a small calibre projectile weapon and not a traditional handgun.


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