Drugged ambulance drivers lose patient



A British holidaymaker, who had been involved in a fight in the bustling nightlife area popular with British tourists in the resort, was left with serious injuries requiring medical attention where emergency services were called to the scene. 


The holidaymaker was attended to by the local ambulance service where he should have been transferred to the local hospital, Hospital Marina Baixa located in Villajoyosa however he never arrived. 

It has been reported how the British man did not reach the hospital but was later found not far from the Marina Baixa hospital "unconscious and lying in a ditch".

The man was found by police after the officers that attended the incident contacted the hospital for an update on the man’s condition, where medical services had no recollection of the victim being admitted to the hospital.


The two ambulance service personnel, who were responsible for the care of the man were questioned by officers and were reportedly acting suspicious during their time of questioning. 

They alleged the victim responded violently to them and escaped from the ambulance. Guardia Civil officers requested a drugs test be carried out due to the suspicious behaviour of the ambulance staff, where results identified they tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. 

The two ambulance personnel contracted by a third party have been suspended from their positions pending further enquiries, whilst investigations into the incidents are being carried out.


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