Getting a tattoo in Benidorm


Like them or loathe them, tattoos have been around for centuries and are becoming increasingly popular.  At one time there was a stigma attached to them however, in today’s society they have become more acceptable and are now considered pieces of art. 

Everyday social media is inundated with questions from people coming over on holiday “where's the best place to have one done”, seems we’re obsessed with having our bodies inked whilst on our holidays, especially whilst here in Benidorm .  We can't tell you where the best place to have one done is, but we can give you a few pointers on what to look for in a good studio and talented artist, especially after the recent incident of a man being paid to have a tattoo across his forehead and the studio accepting the customer.  I’m sure you've seen the article?

There are studios situated all around Benidorm both in the old and new town, on the beach front, down side streets, in markets - they're everywhere and some are more well-known than others. If you want to walk into somewhere and select a picture off the wall that someone else had yesterday, there's plenty of places that will accommodate.   If your group are looking for a memory of the holiday, you can have that done practically anywhere.  However if you want a custom design and an original piece, we suggest you do your homework. 

Benidorm has an abundance of top quality artists, all with their own unique style - and don't forget to venture into the old town and even Albir; we've discovered some outstanding work done by artists across the Costa Blanca.  A good artist will make an appointment for a consultation - the idea will be talked about, the design would be finalised and the tattoo done once the artist and customer are happy with the result. When I asked an expat why he chose a particular studio he said “ They didn't just want my money, they wanted to know why I had chosen this design and they wanted to improve on it….they cared about the end result”.

Here’s out guide to choosing a studio:

First of all, choose your style.  If you want blackwork then don't go to a studio that doesn’t have an artist who specialises in it. Ask for recommendations - contact the studios, send them your idea and see what the response is like.  Narrow it down to two, maybe three studios and arrange to visit on your first day.  You'll know if it feels right. 

We spoke with Hannah who, along with her partner Rob runs Tattooland studios in both Benidorm & Albir. She gave us some expert advice:

Q, What should you look for in a tattoo studio and artist?

A, The first thing that you should look for is a clean environment where you are getting tattooed. Also by law every studio should have their licence and diploma on show.

Q,How old do you have to be?

A,If you are over the age of 16 in this region of Spain and are accompanied by both of your parents who are willing to sign a disclaimer form for you then you can by law be tattooed. However identification for the 3 of you will be required. If this is not a possibility then you cannot be tattooed until you are 18.

Q, If I came in under the influence of drugs or alcohol would you tattoo me?

A, In our studio we do not tattoo anyone who is drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Q, What's the best advice you can give me for getting A tattoo done while I’m over here in Spain or anywhere else?

A, The best advice for getting a tattoo done anywhere, UK or Spain, is to always do your research of the studios in the area before you go. Have a look at reviews and recent works that are similar to the work that you would like done and once you have come across a studio you are happy with pop in and have a chat with the artists. We would recommend getting any tattoo done towards the end of the holiday as you will be advised to stay out of direct sun and swimming pool until the tattoo is healed.

The sign of a good artist is being able to say no to you. And good ink doesn't come cheap, just like cheap ink doesn't come good.

Tattooland Benidorm and Albir can both be found on their Facebook page - checkout their 5* reviews.


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