Intensive care and "Scarred for life" after Benidorm Henna tattoo


A 29-year-old tourist who decided in his wisdom to have an illegal henna tattoo moustache "for a laugh “was admitted to hospital after a severe allergic reaction causing breathing problems.

Plumber Arran Maye had his face tattooed as part of a Mexican themed fancy dress night whilst in Benidorm with a group of twenty friends during November fiesta.


Arran said it began to tingle slightly in a matter of minutes, but when he woke up the next day his face was inflamed and blistered.

He still went out that night - dressed up again as a 'Mexican' after he couldn't remove the tattoo - but the next day his blisters were bursting and leaking puss.

He said: "It was like my face was trying to push out the henna.  The puss was pouring out and my face was huge and it was so painful. I was in agony."

Mr. Maye tried remedies and treatment from a local pharmacy while in Benidorm but didn’t go to see a doctor.  However, the reaction started to get worse during his flight back home, where his airways started to close when they were 20 minutes from landing.


"When we landed I tried to rush through the arrivals, but when I got to passport control the guy was being funny about letting us through.  My picture is really old anyway, but of course with your face it like a balloon with a moustache it doesn't help."

After leaving the airport Mr Maye’s friends drove him from Luton to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where he was then rushed into intensive care for treatment.


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