Kirsty Maxwell Family still Desperately Seeking Answers


Last April, Kirsty Maxwell and a group of friends were holidaying in Benidorm for a friend’s hen party.

The weekend away took a dramatic turn as Kirsty plunged to her death from her hotel balcony in early hours of the morning.

If you’ve visited Benidorm in the past 12 months you will have seen the posters scattered around the town pleading for more information. The family have now desperately tried to reach out for more information, by appearing on BBC One last month. The programme was informative and gave an insight into the girls’ movements on the night, but also showed that a lot of questions still remain unsolved and a lot of witnesses that may have been present at the time have still not been tracked down.   

The ‘Killed Abroad’ documentary featured Kirsty’s husband, Adam who is still shocked by the tragic event and commented that the happenings that night were ‘impossible to believe’.

Kirsty somehow found herself leaving her own room in the early hours to enter a room on the floor above, which was where she later fell to her death.

The occupants of this room -  Joseph Graham, Callum Northridge, Ricky Gammon, Anthony Holehouse and Daniel Bailey were part of a large group of men on holiday from Nottingham.

The men have been cleared of any charges and insist that their names have been ‘dragged through the mud’. But the family are still looking for answers and Mrs Curry has hope that these men and the rest of their party can still shed some light as to what truly happened that morning.

The documentary showed that not all guests had been tracked down and interviewed – and that this could mean that vital information is missing. Mrs Curry’s comment in the interview was heart-breaking; “It’s almost like guilt. It feels wrong. Our whole lives have been turned upside down. All we think about is Kirsty and getting justice. We need to know what happened.”

If you have any information at all that you feel may be relevant to the case, please get in touch with the family by emailing or visiting to interact and support the appeal via social media.


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