November fiestas are nearly upon us again


Hang on to your hats and prepare your livers- it’s nearly fiesta time again. Although there are 55 fiestas in Benidorm over the year, for many this is THE big one.

Fiesta this year will be held from 9th -15th November. But why do we celebrate it?

Legend has it that in March, 1740, a ship was grounded on the Benidorm shore due to a terrible storm. The locals were worried that there could be disease on board so set fire to it to ensure the community would not be infected. In the ashes they saw the figure of the Virgin, which they took to the local church where a chapel was built in her honour. Every year there is a re-enactment of this on the Poniente beach. The reason this takes place in November rather than March is so that the tuna fisherman would be able to attend at the end of their fishing season.

The celebration also honours the Patron Saints of Benidorm - the Virgen del Sufrage and Jaime Apostol. The streets are transformed with floral decorations, lively street musicians, open-air theatre and religious parades.

It traditionally ended after 6 days with a spectacular firework display, but over the years the Brits have added their own unique celebration on the seventh day. The tradition started 20 years ago when Manolo from Sinatras offered a free drink to anybody who dressed up - these days he would be bankrupt!

This extra day takes place in the new town in the form of a massive fancy dress party and parade through the streets of Benidorm. Tourists come to enjoy the fiesta year after year and hotel rooms are at a premium when they join the British residents for the party to beat all parties! The action takes place around Calle Gerona and British Square and the parade starts about 3pm at Morgan Tavern.

So get ready and get your glad rags on for Thursday, 15th November.

If you’ve never done it before I can promise you a day you will never forget. The atmosphere is electric and you will have a wonderful day of laughter and new friendships.

The costumes get better year after year – we went as a group of clowns last year and had a fabulous day, roll on 15th!


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