The rain in Spain


Tourists flock to Spain each year in seek of sunshine – but visitors to some parts of Spain this month haven’t been so lucky.

At least nine people have been killed and several others are missing after torrential rain lashed the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Footage broadcast on Spanish television on Wednesday showed cars being swept away by raging, muddy waters, houses flooded and vehicles piled one on top of the other after the Mediterranean island was pounded with heavy rain over just a few hours.

The downpours triggered major flash floods, which hurtled through streets in the eastern parts of the island.

A spokesperson for the Spanish government's office in the Balearic Islands told AFP news agency that nine people died in the floods.

Two of those killed were in Sant Llorenc, one in Arta and two more in S'Illot. The latter were two British tourists who were in a taxi which was swept away by flood water. The driver is still missing.

One of the fatalities is reported to be the ex-major of Arta, Rafael Gili.

The forecast has soon returned to expected temperatures of mid-twenties for this time of the year, but those holidaying last week are certain to reconsider an earlier getaway next year.


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