Tiki Beach - Part and parcel or good riddance


You’d have to have been living under a rock over the past few weeks to miss the drama that has surrounded Tiki Beach – news that the controversial bar has been ordered to close by the Supreme Court has fast circulated. The debate has been back and forth between residents of the nearby building and the bar owners since 2010.

This has had a totally split response, with plenty of tourists certain to miss their favourite daytime drinking hotspot but with many rejoicing at the thought of some peace and quiet around the area.

The infamous bar has, for years, attracted holiday-makers of all ages to partake in daytime drinking sessions. We’ve often passed to see topless Brit’s struggling to stand and the masses spill out onto the promenade, blocking the road and disturbing siesta time for many locals. But is this not expected from a holiday resort like Benidorm, or is it the case of the few ‘Brits abroad’ giving the many a bad name?

It goes without saying that the decision has split the opinions of many over here, but nevertheless the bar is due to close for good at the end of October.


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