New Rincon health care centre opening delay


Although the town hall in Benidorm have declared that the new health centre planned to open in Rincon de Loix is a priority, it’s now thought that it won’t open until 2022.

Sources say this is due to the regional government only allotting 160, 000 euros in the 2020 budget – leaving 3.6 millions euros for 2021 and 2022. Councillor Loudes Caselles is hopeful for a reshuffle however, stating “We hope the Generalitat will reconsider and accept a Partido Popular amendment requesting a substantial increase in the 2021 allocation.”

She goes on to argue that the town hall has fulfilled it’s own part of the deal, securing a 3588 square-metered plot and reclassifying it for public use. So hopes are pinned on the regional government to relook at their budgets.


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